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Memories captured on video.

Whatever the event: 18th birthday party, momentous occasion; celebration, engagement, family reunion — we can capture it for you for all time and broadcast it to your family and friends.

Uniting friends and family

Wherever you have family or friends anywhere in the world, we can bring everyone together with a professional high quality video hosted on our dedicated high speed global server network.

If you want to keep the video limited to the people you nominate we can password protect it it so that only the people you choose can view or download it.

A video of a special event or get-together is a gift that keeps on giving happy memories for a lifetime — and, unlike You Tube, there are no advertisements or petty rules to get in the way and spoil the enjoyment.

Family celebrations



Birthday parties

Life's milestones

We use the latest compact Sony 4K video cameras so you will hardly know we are there!

Representative example of video quality

Music by Shane Ivers -

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Includes still photgraphy.
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